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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Jonas m. Greek Ίωνας, used in the Greek translation of the Old Testament for Hebrew יוֹנָה 'dove'.

The name of an Old Testament character. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Jonas.

1576 Jonas AuFr Backereel; 1579 Jonas ibid. Brun; 1581 Jonas ibid. Bone; 1583 Jonas ibid. Allensson; 1585 Jonas ibid. Breen; 1587 Jonas ibid. Bijler; 1588 Jonas ibid. Beke
Early Modern English
1587 Jonas BUmar-vol2 p. 64
Middle French
1563 Jonas RegPCC-1 p. 30; 1565 Jonas ibid. p. 196; 1567 Jonas ibid. p. 305; 1571 Jonas ibid. p. 441; 1590 Jonas raymond1588 p. 572
1197 jonas (nom) quix-vol1 83
1220 Jonas (nom) CartHaut 36
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