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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Joachim m. Hebrew יְהוֹיָקִים 'may God raise'.

The apocryphal name of the father of Mary, venerated as a saint, and a 13th C Italian founder of a monastic order called the 'Joachimites'. Wycliffite Bible (1395): Joachim, Joachym, Joakym, Joakyn.

The name was never common in any culture, but the importance of the saintly father of Mary meant that this name could be found pretty much anywhere.

1592 Joachim AuFr Bradleij
Middle Low German
1436 Yochim BbRT p. 359
1592 Jachi Tiik1977 p. 286
1378 Joachim (dat) hanquetvol1 1677
Middle French
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Early New High German
1409 Joachim (dat) mairhofer DCXC; 1416 Joachim (nom) ibid. DCCIII; 1419 Joachim (gen) ibid. DCCIX; 1420 Joachim (nom) ibid. DCCXV
1287 Yachim (nom) RigSB 499; 1290 Yachim (nom) ibid. 223; 1302 Joachim (gen) ibid. 91
1292 Yake (nom) RigSB 235
The Netherlands
1573 Joachim MagMiddelburg-1560, Joachims (gen) ibid.; 1574 Joachim ibid., Joachims (gen) ibid.
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