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Dictionary of Medieval Names
from European Sources

Adeline f. A hypocoristic of Old High German Adelhaid (cf. Alice) or of Adela, which quickly became established as an independent name in its own right.

1189 Adeline (gen) GASurv p. 161
Early Modern English
1530 Adelyne LIWill-III p. 86
1135 Adelina (nom) clairvaux-12thc 7, Adeline (gen) ibid. 7; 1138x62 Adelina (nom) ibid. 84; 1147 Adelina (nom) ibid. 14, Adeline (gen) ibid. 14; 1147x62 Adelina (nom) ibid. 45, Adeline (gen) ibid. 46; 1163 Adeline (gen) ibid. 99; 1163–64 Adelina (nom) ibid. 106, Adeline (gen) ibid. 118; 1164 Adelina (nom) ibid. 120; 1174 Adelina (abl) ibid. 161; 1179 Adelina (nom) ibid. 176, Adeline (gen) ibid. 176; 1209 Adelina (nom) CartNDdOurscamp LII; 1260 Adelina (nom) ArrestReg-volI II, St. Martin, Adelinam (acc) ibid. II, St. Martin
Old French
1296 Edeline paris1296 p. 19; 1313 Edeline Paris1313 p. 6
1296 Edelot paris1296 p. 18
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